Nimrall Laboratories

The search for optimum human health is the main driver at Nimrall. In its effort to foster well-being in the communities it serves, Nimrall enhances the quality of life through research and development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals and health care products. Nimrall wish to establish its brands image through robust and agile marketing and sales.

World-Class cGMP- Compliant Manufacturing

We manufacture high quality branded generics that are leaders in their class at our cGMP-Compliant facility in Pakistan.

Business Partnerships

Nimrall puts premium on developing association with companies that are committed with passion and ethics in one or more of the following areas; contract research, contract development, manufacturing, marketing and distributing pharmaceuticals and health care products.

Human Resource Development and Corporate Culture

The key to ensure quality of the products and maintain our market leadership is to develop the quality of our people. One of Nimrall’s key objectives is to ensure that Nimrall is rated by its employees as one of the best companies to work for respect to people, respect for our business associates and customers, a focus on safe technology, team work and transparency are the core values upon which we build our corporate culture.

Strengths Effective Regulatory Interface

Nimrall has a high skilled and integrated regulatory team which ensures early product registrations in Pakistan. As an efficient and skilled team they will help in assisting registration in every market that Nimrall wants to operate.

Research & Development

Nimrall has established R&D department; a highly qualified and trained team of pharmacists, chemicals and engineers in our Research & Development and Operational departments are working not only to develop new products but also to have a continuous improvement in quality at a dedicated R&D department. The products developed by this team conform over their shelf life to internationally accepted standards of quality, purity, efficacy and safety.

Multi Fold Expansion and Growth

Starting with a plant and delivering few pharmaceutical products in the local market, Nimrall wishes to mould itself into a big Group penetrating in international markets. Nimrall’s plant is fully equipped with sophisticated and advanced machines with latest technological developments and reserve capacity.


Diversified Product Range

Nimrall produces a wide range of pharmaceutical products catering to a large spectrum of therapeutic needs. The product range includes Analgesics, Anti-malarials, Antibiotic (non-penicillin, penicillin, cephalosporin), Anti-amoebic, Anthelmintics, Antihistamines, Vitamins and Cardiovascular. These products are offered in diverse varieties of Tablets, Capsules (hard gel), Suspensions, Syrups / Drops, Injections (Solution) and Cream/Ointments. By virtue of its large product range Nimrall has a strong presence in all major therapeutic segments.