Shahzad Saeed

Chief Executive

About Me

Nimrall is not just a name there is some history behind it, Nimra was the eldest daughter of Mr. Shahzad who named his company after her when she died at an early age. He used Farma with “F” because to distinguish his company from others, In Spanish and French pharma is written Farma. While talking to owner of Nimrall Farma and laboratories Mr. Shahzad we came across many facts which made us think that hard work surely pays off.

He started his work at the age of 16 years, he has done his graduation in arts from Gordon college. He used to go to work at bicycle and the first salary he got at work was only 500 Rs. in 1988. Before Nimrall Mr. Shahzad worked as a medical representative in Majeed sons and after 12 years of continuous hard work he ended as Managing Director of sales and marketing of overall Pakistan.

In 2002 he started Nimrall Farma introducing vaccine and disinfectants in Pakistan for the very first time. Slowly and gradually he succeeded in his aim and grew his company. He introduced DuPont technology for the first time in Pakistan, DuPont is UK based company DuPont is working comprehensively with others to discover inventive, science-empowered solution for a portion of the world's greatest challenges. DuPont technology helped in the production of many other products. His main idea was to start or launch a product having monopolistic competition in Pakistan, then he further contacted a German company for a treatment of sand-fly bite known as Leishmaniasis.

In Pakistan cure from Leishmaniasis was not easily available so Mr. Shahzad bought its cure here named as Fosine (Miltefosine). By this was he made his company unique and excel in the industry.

In 2006 Mr. Shahzad established his company Nimrall Laboratories in Rawat Industrial Zone, Islamabad, and then started production of medicines there. Nimrall Farma and laboratories has around 175+ products which includes Vaccines, Disinfectants, Analgesics, Anti-malarials, Antibiotic (Non-Penicillin, Penicillin, Cephalosporin), Anti-amoebic, Antihistamines, Vitamins and Cardiovascular medicines.